Imagine Plant

Imagine Plant is an indoor plant design company that offers maintenance services as well. The company mainly services and maintains indoor plants for offices, homes, hotels, lobbies, retail spaces, estate homes, restaurants, medical buildings, grocery stores and gyms among many other places or areas that may require their services.

What it delivers

This company also delivers all types of plants to homes, offices, and workplaces. They have many varieties of plants, and they are dedicated to providing quality plants to customers. Most of the plants they deliver are tropical, succulent as well as flowering plants all over the Northern part of California.


The mission of Imagine Plant is to decorate exterior and interior services, offices, homes as well as living spaces for the public. The company services all types of clients from small to medium to large customers. Most customers are usually satisfied with their services thus the company is growing day by day.


Imagine Plant has a wide range of customers from different places. Some of the areas that the company services include Cupertino, Davis, Woodland, San Francisco, Roseville, Fair Oaks, Napa, Palo Alto, San Jose, Marin County, Colfax, Elk Grove, Loomis, Folsom and Rancho Cordova among many other areas.

Certifications and professional membership

The company has several certificates and professional memberships like Green Plants For Green Buildings, Green Roofs For Healthy Living, Accredited Green Roof Professional and Accredited Business certification.

Most people are still not aware of the importance of indoor plants, especially for homes and businesses. For this reason, indoor plants Sacramento have taken it upon themselves to create awareness for the importance of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as the various types that can be good for home or business decorations.

Examples of office/home plants that are easy to maintain

  • Devil’s ivy which has a potentiality of growing more than ten meters
  • Snake plant that can thrive anywhere
  • Spider plant that reproduces rapidly and
  • Peace Lily

Importance of having indoor plants for your home or office

  • Health and happiness

Plants are essential as they tend to improve the health and happiness as well as mental health, especially in an office setting. Having these plants at home as well can help a person to relax after a long day at work or school. Their aesthetic look has a way of calming the mind.

These indoor plants reduce diseases and illnesses and increase the ability to recover and heal.

  • Air cleaners

Indoor plants are a handy way of cleaning and purifying the polluted air. There are so many industries that release lots of chemicals like ammonia, benzene, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde into the atmosphere. Plants can absorb these gases within a very short time thus keeping the air clean for inhaling.

  • Sick-Building syndrome

When people stay indoors for a long time, the air can become toxic even more than outdoor air. This can make people suffer from a syndrome known as Sick building syndrome. Adding a plant in such an environment will immediately remove the airborne toxins thus improving the quality of indoor air.

  • Productivity

When a person stays indoors for a long time, the low air quality can make one dull and unproductive. When a plant is added, the quality of air improves thus the mind also becomes more relaxed and productive.

There are so many other positive uses of these plants that positively impact the day-to-day lives of people. Indoor plants Sacramento has thus taken an initiative to educate you, and at the same time provide you with these plants and offer maintenance at very affordable rates.